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We are an Approved Centre to conduct GCSE and GCE examinations for Pearson Edexcel, AQA, OCR and CAIE awarding bodies. Ark Exam Centre offers accessible assessment opportunities to diverse learners, including those who aren't part of mainstream education, regardless of their age or background. Whether you are a Home Educator, Distance Learner, Excluded Learner, or a Private Candidate, we provide a secure, tranquil, and hospitable environment with a dedicated staff committed to delivering top-tier service. From your first inquiry to certification, our team will be by your side. To access our services, simply fill out our application form, or reach out to us at 023 441 7272, where our colleagues are ready to assist you.

Ark Exam Centre, situated in the vibrant East London, is a conveniently located and budget-friendly examination facility catering to a diverse range of candidates. Our primary goal is to meet the assessment requirements of various individuals, including learners who want to additional subjects, home educators, distance learners, excluded and local authority learners, as well as independent learners.

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Important Dates for GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Exams

Exam Series Centre Entry Deadline Higher Late Fees charged from
November 2023 GCSE/IGCSE Only 30th September 2023 1st October 2023
Summer 2024 ALL Exams 16th February 2024 21st February 2024

GCSE & IGCSE Timetable November 2023

We are excited to announce that registration for the November exam series is now open. This year, there are 24 subjects available to be taken in the November series.

Edexcel GCSE Timetable - November 2023 Final

Edexcel IGCSE Timetable - November 2023 Final

AQA GCSE Timetable - November 2023 Final

Exam Entry Deadline for November 2023

30th September 2023 for all subjects, late entry fees will be charged from 1st October 2023.

We will need your completed application with documents and full payment cleared by 30th September 2023*.

*Please note, we can only accept applications with Access Arrangement Requirements where we have the facilities to support the provisions.

Candidates entered for the GCSE exam after the Entry deadline will be charged an additional £70 on top of the normal charge per exam.

Candidates entered for the GCE exam after the Entry deadline will be charged an additional £150 on top of the normal charge per exam

Cancellations or refunds before the Entry deadline will result in a full refund minus an administration fee of £30 per subject. After this deadline, no refunds will be allowed. The results will be emailed to candidates within 2 days of the release of the results. Certificates can be collected from the published date onwards.



You can register for all GCSE subjects with us (Exams only).

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A Level Exam

A Level

You can register for all A Level subjects with us (Exams Only).

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You can register for all IGCSE exams with us.

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Private Exam Centre

With our strategic location near major transportation hubs, we ensure easy accessibility for all our learners. Ark Exam Centre is committed to providing affordable and accessible assessment opportunities that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each candidate. Our dedicated Exam Centres offer comprehensive assessment solutions to individuals across London and the South-East region.

We take immense pride in being a part of the qualification journey for countless candidates hailing from Central and Greater London, as well as Essex areas. At Ark Exam Centre, we strive to facilitate the success and progression of our learners by providing an inclusive and supportive environment for their assessment needs.

We also provide group and individual tuition, Online and In-Centre.

Our tutorial division, Ark Tuition Centre in Ilford provides Tuition for GCSE and A Levels in the form of group tuition or individual one to one tuition. We have Maths, English and Science Group Tuition for GCSEs. For A Level Tuition, we have Maths Group or Individual tuition, all the other subjects are delivered as one to one tuition. Read more...

Now enrolling for Past Paper Classes


GCSE Maths Past Papers Class

Courses are designed to support students’ existing learning with an emphasis on planning and preparation, identifying gaps in knowledge and the enhancement of exam techniques.

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A Level Maths Past Papers Class

Our Maths courses are tailored to the Edexcel specification. Tutors will revise key content from the syllabus before focusing on perfecting exam technique.

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GCSE Science Past Papers Class

Revision courses cover covers: Biology GCSE, Chemistry GCSE and Physics GCSE past papers.

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GCSE English Past Papers Class

Our English Language past paper courses you will take part in a range of activities, from tutor-led activities to student-led work.

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You can enquire here to enter any single or multiple exams with us. We will contact you to discuss about the exam(s) you have chosen to enter and we are happy to help you choose the most suitable exams to achieve your goals. We can also offer aternative routes to examinations for those who need certain entry requirements to get in to their desired undergratuate course. We offer BTEC Nationals and we can help you to find the best suited combination of exams and study programme to achieve your outcome. Give us a call today on    020 3441 7272  to discuss your options.

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